Bringing beekeepers and pesticide applicators together by tracking and safeguarding hive locations across California using simple mapping tools.


Beekeepers can use this website to fulfill their obligation to register annually in their home county, notify other counties when they first move bees into those counties, and notify the County Agricultural Commissioner when they move bees to new locations within the county.

All information provided by beekeepers through this site is carefully protected according to the provisions of California law.

Pest Control Advisors

Licensed Pest Control Advisors (PCAs) can use this website to find out if bee colonies will be present within one mile of the application site under consideration on or around the potential application date.

PCAs will not receive information about specific beekeepers or bee colony locations, nor will they receive contact information for beekeepers with colonies in the one-mile buffer zone.

Growers/Pesticide Applicators

Pesticide applicators (either a Grower applying pesticides on their own crops or a contracted Pest Control Business operating on behalf of a Grower) can use the BeeWhere web site to obtain contact information for beekeepers with colonies within a mile of an upcoming pesticide application.

The pesticide applicator will not receive any information about the specific locations of the bee colonies.

Note: Title 3 Division 6 of the California Code of Regulations, section 6651, exempts certain vector control activities from notification. Contact your local Vector Control District office to find out if they maintain a spray notification service.

Information on this website is provided by the public. BeeWhere is hosting the information, but makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. In utilizing the information contained within this website, user acknowledges and agrees that they are obligated to investigate and confirm any information provided herein that the user intends to rely upon. User waives any claims against the provider pertaining to the accuracy of the information provided by this website.

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